Early Signs of A Blocked Drain You Shouldn’t Ignore

As an emergency drainage specialist, we received many phone calls, often late at night or on weekends, from homeowners who have found themselves in an emergency drainage situation. The problem is usually that the sink, toilet or shower is overflowing and unusable, due to a blocked drain. These nightmare situations can usually be avoided, however, you may be asking yourself how? 

Blockages usually will build up over time and early detection can help to ensure this doesn’t become worse, preventing you from ending up with a messy and potentially costly predicament. 

Trents Drains have put together a list of some of the warning signs you should look out for when trying to detect the early signs of a blocked drain. Knowing these signs will help you and your family prevent stress, inconvenience, mess and cost. 


Water Levels 

The water levels in the toilet may appear lower than usual or when you flush the toilet the water will rise very high and then drain away slowly. 

Slow Draining Water

One of the first signs of a blocked drain is also slow draining water in your sink, bath, shower or toilet. Water will usually accumulate over the open drain or floor waste and then drain away slowly, rather than what it would normally do immediately. Over a period of time, the blockage will worsen as any items enter the pipes. This can be from food, hair and more. 

Foul Smell

Over time the items that become trapped behind a blockage will begin to break down and compose. The water will then become stagnant which will cause a foul smell around any affected drains, sinks, baths and toilets. 

Noisy Drains

Any bath, skink, shower affected by a drain may cause a noisy drain as the water will struggle to drain away. 

How To Fix Your blocked Drain 

If you notice a problem with your drain it is imperative that you contact a professional as soon as possible to arrange an inspection that will diagnose any possible blockages. Any blockage that is left untreated will result in unsanitary water overflowing into your home which no one wants. 

A blockage will go from a small problem to an emergency situation in a split second, so it is important to fix it sooner rather than later. 

Can I Fix The Drain Myself? 

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You may be tempted to try and fix your drainage problems by yourself. We have all tried the tricks of pouring detergent, white wine vinegar or boiling water down the toilet to unblock it. Unfortunately, these fluids won’t actually fix your drain but add to the problem. 

Home remedies can be dangerous and often contain toxic chemicals which can release fumes into your home and cause harm to the environment. Don’t risk it and get in touch with your local drainage specialist who will diagnose and fix the problem in no time at all. 

With no call-out charge and a fixed hourly rate, you’re in no better hands than with Trents Drains. We’re experts in fast and effective drain unblocking and repair – available 24 hours a day. Our team has an impressive 60+ years of combined experience across commercial and domestic settings. You can request a quote online in minutes, or if you’d prefer to speak to our team you can call us on 0117 453 5994. for our emergency drain unblocking in Bristol.



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