Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Being able to carry out your own plumbing repairs with the same quality and guarantee of an expert is a common misconception within the industry. Whether it’s a slow drain or a blocked pipe, the short-term DIY fix very rarely outweighs the quality finish and peace of mind that a professional plumber brings. 

With the rise of online tutorials and ‘how to’ guides, DIY plumbing can often be seen as a very attractive option – watch someone do it, then copy the step by step guide to save money – simple? This is rarely the case. Hiring a plumber in the first instance is nearly always cheaper than trying it yourself, before then having to hire a professional to carry out the work. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring the benefits behind hiring a professional plumber, and how you could save a significant amount of time and money by getting it right the first time.

Experience Wins in the Long-Term

If you’re considering DIY plumbing, then you have to think about it long term. All too often, repairs are carried out on bodged, short-term fixes where professionals are later called out to rectify the problem as initial repairs have only suppressed a bigger issue (or even created more). 

By employing a professional plumber from the get go, you’re putting yourself in the hands of someone who has the correct training and experience to conduct a comprehensive analysis and repair of the task at hand. It’s likely that your plumber has experienced and fixed your issue many times in the past, and knows exactly how to fix it based on your plumbing system or setup. This can often be the downfall when following online tutorials – as a fix for one system or setup, may not be the same fix for another – leading to further plumbing issues down the line. 

If you do opt for that short-term fix to save a few quid, you have to weigh up the time it will take you to learn, understand and then carry out the work. Whilst you think you might be saving money in the short term, you could actually be spending more of your time (and money) on fixing it in the long term if it doesn’t go to plan. There’s also the times where people research and read for hours, before falling at the first hurdle when putting it into practice. 


Your Peace of Mind

A qualified plumber is going to be able to assess the problem and carry out the work in a much more timely and effective manner than someone without plumbing experience. We have seen far too many jobs where people have opted for the short-term fix, only for it to fail months down the line. 

If you do opt to carry out the work yourselves, you may not be able to guarantee the work done was correct, and is something you are constantly checking on to ensure it’s worked. Having that dread looming over you is sometimes worse than the initial plumbing problem itself, which is why getting in a professional gives you that peace of mind and guarantee that work or repairs carried out are up to scratch. 

Beyond your peace of mind knowing that work has been carried out by a professional, are the warranties and guarantees that many plumbing companies offer on work carried out. So, should you experience any issues with the same repair, you are often covered under warranty or guarantee for the plumber to come back out and fix the issue. This is always depending on the company you hire to carry out the repair, so it’s essential to check each company’s warranty and guarantee options when getting work carried out.

Emergency Services & Callouts

Needless to say, if you have a plumbing emergency like a severe leak or blockage, you’re always going to need a professional to save the day. This is often down to the severity of the plumbing issue, where you don’t have time to research or understand the problem – because you need help now. Some plumbers will take advantage of this fact, with premium rates being charged in your hour of need. 

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