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Choosing Trent's drains For your waste tanker services

At Trent’s Drains, we are fully qualified to remove non-hazardous effluent. We can service cesspits, service septic tanks, and grease traps, cleaning out and removing waste. If you have hazardous waste that you need removing, then we work with highly trusted specialists to provide a hazardous waste removal service. Whatever it is that you need taking away, we are here to help.

With Trent’s you will have peace of mind knowing that our tankers are operated by experienced drainage professionals with 30 years industry knowledge. We are known for our work in the public sector, Food retail service and Domestic property, collecting both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste, sludge and slurry from a range of sources including septic tanks, petrol interceptors, drains, sewers, gullies, and storage tanks.


choosing the right waste tanker to remove your waste

Whether your requirements involve septic tank maintenance, maintaining sewage treatment plants, pump chambers, three-stage interceptors, emptying grease traps and gulleys, or ensuring the functionality of rainwater storm systems and road gulleys, we offer a tailored vehicle tanker hire solution to match your specific needs. 

Whether it’s handling contaminated water, sludge, septic tanks, oil, slurry, or hazardous chemicals, our fleet is equipped to handle diverse tasks across both domestic homes and commercial sectors.

Image of tanker vehicle outside of petrol station

Vacuum and Jet Vac Hire

A Vacuum tanker is the general name given to a tanker equipped with a powerful Vacuum system. If your job involves emptying septic tanks or removing other liquid waste then you should hire a Vacuum tanker.

Hiring a vacuum tanker with Trent’s Drains will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Removing your liquid waste in a fast and efficient manner 
  • Remove waste without spilling any in unwanted places 
  • A cost-effective solution
  • An environmentally friendly waste management solution. 

We also provide Jet Vac Tankers suitable for removing blockages or debris like silt, fatbergs, or mass paper build-ups. Our Powerful water jets are used to guarantee a more complete, swift, and effective clean. Our goal is to break up any obstructions and push the debris through the system. This leaves the pipe clear, safeguarding against repeat blockages.

high pressure water jetting DRAINs


At Trent’s Drains, we are experienced in cleaning and removing blockages or debris like silt, fatbergs or mass paper build ups. Powerful water jets are used to guarantee a more complete, swift, and effective clean. Our goal is to break up any obstructions and push the debris through the system. This leaves the pipe clear, safeguarding against repeat blockages.

image of drainage system being cleaned with high pressure water


Our tankers allow for us to remove silt from several different places, including confined areas like sewers and gullies and large areas such as lakes and lagoons.

In a more commercial setting, our tankers can also remove silt and contaminants from surface water interceptors or interceptors installed in industrial environments. 

  • Non-hazardous effluent removal 
  • Hazardous waste removal 
  • Commercial septic tank cleaning 
  • Bund wall cleaning 
  • Chambers, septic tanks and cesspits 
  • Manhole chambers 
  • Swimming pool filters 
  • Lagoons 
  • Interceptor cleaning 
  • Lift chambers
  • Basements

If it’s not in the list, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team with your enquiry 0117 9490155 or contact us below.

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Frequently asked questions about our waste tanker services

Tankering services include: Non-hazardous effluent removal – collecting, transporting and disposing of a full range of non-hazardous effluent waste, including byproducts from food and drink production, as well as clean water waste, storm water waste.

Trent’s can supply a number of different size tankers suitable to the job and access to site. You can choose from a 2000, 4000 or 6000 gallon tanker.

A septic tank will need emptying depending on use, we would recommend for a domestic tank is emptied every 1-2 years. For our septic tank services please visit the relevant landing page.

The cost varies depending on location, type of waste and volume. Prices start from £200. If you would like a cost please CLICK HERE to contact us for a free quotation.

We collect and dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, the hazardous waste we remove includes sewage, biochemicals, and more, and we also provide non-hazardous waste removal, including wastewater from floods. 

Yes. We offer waste tanker services for both commercial and domestic applications, this includes residential homes, as well as retail, public, hospitality, and other industries.

Trent’s Southwest LTD are ISO14001 certified for Environmental Management and a registered waste carrier, please see below to view a copy of our waste carrier licence for peace of mind knowing your waste is being disposed of legally.

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