Blocked Toilets: Top tips and prevention guide

We understand that it can be stressful and can cause you to go into panic mode when your toilets do not flush properly, and the water overflows into your floor. A blocked toilet is an emergency that can damage your floor if it overflows and also spreads out a foul smell. Here at Trent’s Drains, we specialize in all emergency blocked drains, toilets and more.

Top Tips On Unblocking Your Toilet

When you are in a panic mode, you often forget what you need to do or what procedures you need to follow to get the blocked toilets sorted – especially if the flush isn’t working properly and the water rises. Here are our top tips on what you can do yourself if you have an emergency blocked toilet:

  1. Gather all the right toilet unblocking tools: You may need to use a plunger, rubber gloves,  unwanted newspapers to cover the floor, and bleach or drain unblocker.
  2. Do not keep flushing: If you have tried flushing and it hasn’t worked, then chances are that something has blocked your toilet pipe. Inspect and once you have identified what has caused the blockage, then put on your rubber gloves and remove it. If you cannot identify, then try using your plunger.
  3. Press the plunger firmly against the blockage. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, then try using a metal cloth hanger to stir and break the solids.

If the above methods do not work, then there might be something more complicated leading to the blockage and might need an experienced professional to look into it instead of using your toilet unblocker. You can also find out more about how to fix a blocked toilet drain here. If you are still struggling and you need more than a guide to blocked drains, then please contact our experts to help you get back on with your day.

Top 3 Home Remedies for a Clogged Toilet

If the above fails or you don’t have access to the above mentioned tools, it’s time to look around your house for alternative solutions until your emergency local drain specialist arrives. Here are our top tips for unblocking a toilet with home remedies:

  1. The boiling water treatment: Even at times when plunging is not doing the work, boiling water can be the perfect toilet unblocking tool. Whilst the kettle is boiling, check the toilet to ensure that it is not filled with water to the brim, then slowly pour some boiling water and let this natural toilet un-clogger do it’s magic.
  2.  Create a baking soda + vinegar mix: Baking soda and vinegar regularly brings us joy when it comes to cleaning around the house. The duo are not shy when it comes to unclogging a toilet either. Simply mix 1/3 of a cup of vinegar with 1/3 of a cup of baking soda, and whilst it’s fizzing, pour it down the toilet and wait for at least an hour.  Once you let this natural cleaner do it’s thing, flush the toilet and see it for yourself.
  3. The wire coat hanger trick: If you are looking to get down to business but don’t have a plunger at hand, simply find a wire coat hanger in your wardrobe and straighten it out. Bend one end a little and wrap some material around it so it doesn’t scratch your toilet bowl. Once you’re ready and prepared with some gloves, start pushing the wire down the toilet drain until you find the blockage.  A couple of gentle pokes, a flush, and voila, your toilet is unclogged.

Are you still in need of an emergency drain unblocker? Worry not, or highly skilled and professional drain specialists are on call 24/7. Simply get in touch with Trent’s Drains and let us free you from your blocked drain nightmares.

Our Top Tips On Preventing Toilets From Being Blocked

If you are facing the same issue with blocked toilets on a regular basis and had enough of wondering about how to unblock a badly blocked toilet, we have some great news for you. We have collected our top tips on how you can prevent your toilets from being blocked:

  1. Consider the things that are being flushed down your toilet. Only flush the human waste and toilet paper.
  2. Highly consider using mild chemical drain unblocker. Using strong or harsh chemicals can damage your toilet pipes
  3. Regularly check your toilet’s internal mechanisms and ensure all components are working as they should be and are in a good condition. You can simply check by lifting the lid of your toilet tank and ensuring every part is functioning properly.

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