What is Flood Water Extraction and Why Is It Important?

Flooding and water damage can be a really stressful and sometimes devastating issue for home and business owners. Flooding can occur from a burst pipe, sewage backups and even natural weather events. If not treated immediately, this can compromise the integrity of your building structure, prevent mould growth and put you and your loved ones at serious risk. 

If flooding occurs on your property, or if water damage is found, then it’s essential to contact a local water extraction company to minimise the damage to your home or business and prevent permanent issues from occurring. So what is water extraction? Why is it so important? What’s included in the water extraction process and how can Trent’s Drains help?


What Is Water Extraction?

Water extraction is the process of removing standing water from your property with submersible pumps and industrial vacuums after your home or business has flooded. The end result of water extraction is to remove standing and excess water from your property, reduce the risk of permanent damage to your building structure, and restore it to its former condition. 


Why Is Water Extraction So Important?

Water damage and flooding can be devastating to any property if not treated urgently and correctly. If your property has flooded, time is of the essence and the removal of all water is critical. As time passes, there’s a higher chance the water will seep into your property’s foundations, flooring and walls which may cause structural damage. 

Not only is structural damage to your property at risk but so is the health of occupants. Mould can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours after a building has flooded. Mould has many health risks including worsening asthma, allergic reactions, and complications for those with weak immune systems. This is why water extraction is urgent if your property has flooded. 

Our team at Trent’s Drains have the correct equipment and expertise to remove standing water and water which may have soaked deeper into the structure of your property. It’s essential that you use a water extraction specialist when your home or business has flooded, otherwise, you face the risk of further and permanent damage. 


What’s Involved In the Water Extraction Process?

The water extraction process should only be carried out by trained technicians with the correct equipment. This isn’t something you should DIY unless you are trained in water extraction, and have access to the relevant equipment. This is because standing and sewage water can carry harmful bacteria and if this isn’t handled correctly, it can make you seriously ill. You may also remove the majority of visible water but it may have soaked into flooring, walls and ceilings which can damage the structure of the building. It’s a complex process which should be left to water extraction technicians.  


Locate and Stop the Water Source 

The first step in the water extraction process is to find and stop the water source. Failing to do so will worsen any flooding and water damage. This typically involves locating a burst pipe or any other plumbing and drainage issue. 

Once the water has stopped flowing into your home or business, the technicians will then use moisture monitors and sensors to detect the moisture content of all areas which have suffered from water damage including floors, walls, ceilings and any other potential building materials. 


Mitigate Safety Risks 

Once the water has been stopped, before the extraction process begins, there may be a need to disconnect the electricity. With floods, it’s common that the water damages electrical sockets and other electrical sources so the power must be turned off.    


Water Extraction & Drying

Now the flooded and water damaged areas have been located and the electricity has been switched off, it’s time to start the extraction process. This is done with extraction machines and industrial dryers which will remove standing water and water which has soaked into the walls or flooring. The dryers will help the water evaporate in the affected areas, preventing mould growth and restoring the property to a safe condition. 


Property Disinfection

Once your home or business is dry, it must be disinfected to remove all bacteria which may be present, as well as prevent bacteria growth in the future. 


Dehumidifying the Building 

The final step in the extraction process is to dehumidify the building to collect any moisture that’s in the air and drain it. This last step is important because if it’s not done, the leftover moisture will settle within the property which can cause further issues. 


Water Extraction With Trent’s Drains

If your building has suffered from water damage and flooding, contact Trent’s Drains at 0117 949 0155 for our 24/7 emergency extraction services. We are a Bristol-based drainage company that also serves the surrounding areas across the South West, the South and South East, through to London and also South Wales. 

Trent’s is a drainage company based in Bristol which offers emergency flood water extraction as one of our core services. In addition to water extraction, we also offer commercial drainage, emergency unblocking, CCTV surveys, preventative maintenance, excavation and repairs, drain resin lining, septic tanks, tanker works and drain interceptors. We offer our drainage services to both commercial and domestic clients and no job is too big or small for us. 

Don’t leave it before it’s too late, contact your local water extraction company today.

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