Home Maintenance: Top Tips For A Healthy Drainage System

The absolute best way to maintain a healthy drain system is through prevention. If you are extremely careful about what you put down your drains, it is likely that you won’t need to clear them of debris very often. Clogs can happen and it is extremely important to know how to fix these problems as well as know-how to keep all of your drains within your home properly cared for. 

Some drains in your home will need to be checked more frequently than others, in particular, your bathtub, shower and bathroom skins as these are usually where hair can become a problem. It may not sound like much but it doesn’t take much at all to block a drain pipe. When you add soap, toothpaste, shampoo and more to that, it is very easy to see how clogs can happen so quickly. 

The first step when it comes to preventing your drains from getting clogged is to clean them as regularly as possible. If you carry out a certain number of tasks on a regular basis the likelihood of you having a blockage is very rare.  Trent Drains have listed our top 7 tips for maintaining a healthy drainage system. It is just as important to keep on top of the cleaning and maintenance of your drains as it would be to scrub your bathroom or kitchen surfaces. It is so imperative not to forget about it. If you do have a blocked drain or need a CCTV survey please get in touch with the team at Trent Drains today on 0117 453 2477.


Drain Guard 


Using a drain guard on all of your plug holes can reduce the amount of waste that gets washed down the sink. Drain guards are usually small and are made from either plastic or metal. They are disks that sit on top of your plug to collect debris which you can then remove and throw into the bin with ease. 


Drain Cleaners 


Drain cleaners can also be extremely useful for both the bathroom and the kitchen. They can be used when you notice that the drains are clogged or simply as a precaution. These cleaners are poured down the drains and left to do their job – it really is that easy. When buying cleaners please make sure to check the impact they will have on not only the environment but your health too. 


Water Pressure


One of the easiest ways to assess if you are having problems with your drains is to check the water pressure. Slow water pressure can indicate that there is a problem with the water distribution system which will have to be checked over by a professional. If the pressure is low in only certain places in your home, this means there could be a draining issue. If the drains are blocked it will prevent water from passing through them with ease. There are some really helpful instruments for measuring water pressure if you would like to invest in one, but if the problem is noticeable without one then it’s time to call the professionals.




Large problems with the drains are usually not noticeable right away. They only really become apparent when there is a leak or clog. Trent Drains offer preventive maintenance services in Bristol which allows us to prevent any costly repairs down the line by carrying out an inspection on your drainage system. These maintenance services are usually best carried out seasonally as the pipes are usually affected by the weather. 


Sewer Systems 


Homes which are attached to sewage systems have one extra pipe to worry about. This is usually the case in more remote and older homes and will need a lot more care when it comes to the pipes and drainage. Roots and sprouts are usually the thing that causes problems with the server system since they can lift the pipes of the ground or even grow right through them and make them burst. It will simply take patience to review these particular pipes and notice when there is a leak or a large root near one. 

A drainage system is an important part of your property and needs to be treated with care. This will save you so much time on repairs and a lot of money in the long run. For the most part, the ultimate goal is to notice any problems before the pipes become overly expensive to fix. It’s useful to have a professional plumber like the ones at Trent Drains on your side for this task. They will mostly review the state and appearance of the pipes and suggest when it is time for larger and more costly repairs. 


Trent Drains 

Trent Drain’s is based in Bristol and is an experienced drainage family business. Our team specifically specialise in blocked or damaged drains. Our teams work on schedule and always give 100% to make sure that the job is done properly the first time. There are absolutely no tasks too big or small. If you would like more information on our drainage services in Bristol please get in touch with us on 0117 453 2477 or our online form today.





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